Sh'ti Mer - Orgasmic Living!

Life Mastery Initiation for Whole Self Liberation

“To attain the knowledge of that Love which passeth knowledge”
- Paul of Tarsus

"I have decided to Love”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

“Without love, our efforts to liberate ourselves and our world community from oppression and exploitation are doomed. As  long as we refuse to address fully the place of  love in struggles for liberation we will not be able to create a culture of conversion where there is a mass turning away from an ethic of domination.”
-bell hooks

The Principles of Sh’ti Mer

Sh’ti Mer can be translated as “Knowing Love

Sh’ti Mer iz an initiatory path of self revelation through Life Mastery born of ancient Afrakan
Nubian-Khamite spiritual kulture and high alkhamy. Our Self Revelation iz achieved
through devotion to and application of, anciently derived Whole Self Liberation strategies
formulated for modern use.

The Nubian-Khamite word Mer can be understood as an expanded concept of “Love”.
Mer iz the radiant energy and INsperiance of vibrational alignment across dimensions.

To know Mer (Love) iz to know Divinity, and to know Divinity iz to know your True self.

Our word Sh’tet has two meanings: Vulva and Knowing.

True Sh’tet (knowing) iz a whole self embrace, embodiment and revelation.
It iz received and expressed as Spiritual, Social, Sexual and E•motional truth.

The experience we know as Orgasm iz meeting and melting into the essence of creation.
It iz carnal knowledge of the Infinite.

All Orgasm iz a brush with Divinity, the alkhamical value of which depends on the consciousness we bring to it.

Orgasmic Awareness, insperience and communion are the means by which Divine expresses Itself
in our embodied, terrestrial lives.

Orgasmic Awareness iz the Divinely ordered path to true knowing encoded in each of us. Orgasm iz enlightenment and enlightenment iz Liberation.

Surrender to Orgasmic Presence in all we IZ and DO iz the Liberation we seek.

Sh’ti Mer iz Orgasmic Spirituality

We all want to live.

Not just survive or exist, but breathe, dance and touch one another alive, wholly Alive.
Living in/as the whole self revelation of our Truth iz spiritual, sexual, financial, social and self Love liberation.

This iz Bliss.
It’s our birthright as Divine Creators made flesh and breath.

Orgasm iz our revelatory path to whole self healing.

Bliss iz Our Birthright

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