Sh'ti Mer - Orgasmic Living!

Life Mastery Initiation for Whole Self Liberation

So, you're willing to be changed…

Willingness to change iz an obvious prerequisite for transformation. But what does that mean?

In the Nubian-Khamite language the word for ‘will’ and ‘willingness’ iz the word for Love with its sound extended:

Mer  =  Love
Merer  =  Will

Love clearly recognized, felt and then given the activation of our bodies and breath, becomes the power of will and willingness.

Love brought you here.

With or without our awareness, Love will alway move us towards greater revelation and fulfillment.  But without the activating power of our conscious willingness to embrace where Love leads — real change can’t happen.

There has to be a Yes.

Not just as a word of hopeful affirmation,
but a wholly allowed recognition in mind, blood and breath
of kinship and expansive and limitless possibility,
a taste of and Soul deep Desire for, Freedom
beyond any definition you’ve INsperienced thus far

Your Love extended as Willingness to taste, breathe and move
in/as your unconditional YES! to your Soul’s Desire,
iz your key to entering a life of Orgasmic Whole Self Revelation
and Mastery

Love brought You here.

Your willingness to live in/as your Orgasmic YES!
iz the river that will carry you home to your Truth ☥

You cannot buy healing, you cannot barter healing, you cannot command it, you can only surrender to it

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