Sh'ti Mer ~ Orgasmic Living!

Life Mastery Initiation for Whole Self Liberation

“Love is like a mirror.
When you love another you become their mirror
and they become yours…And reflecting each other’s love you see infinity.”

-Leo Buscaglia

  There Is Nothing Wrong With Me, And There Never Was

At the time of enrollment I was stuck in a place of unhappiness with my marriage, the way I related to myself, my husband, and my children. I wanted to understand where I was and how in the hell to get out. I wanted to change the course of my life as I knew it for something different. Something I knew I could have.

This Initiation has met my expectations very well, and beyond that. After the training and during it, my life, and my family’s life changed for the better. I began to become aware of the truth of who I am and started operating with that understanding. I no longer felt bound or controlled by life's ebb and flow. I took my life in my hands and began applying my new revelations. I began living the life I desired to live, and have.

There is nothing wrong with me, and there never was. That the source of creation is within me, always will be, and always has been.

I’m now proud to say that I'm settled in my life. I'm settled and focused and grounded within myself.

I will never feel alone again. Part of my struggles, a huge part of it was believing that I was alone. That I was left alone. Now I know the truth and never again will I be alone.

Everyone has their own path, but not everyone knows what that path is. You may be lost, like I was, or have a little understanding but don't know how to apply it to your life. You may have questions that you have never have found the answers to and desire guidance as to how to find it. You may be confused about who you are, and want to understand. You may be living in unnecessary pain, and turmoil, you find yourself going around and around in circles and you've had enough. I was there. That was me, experiencing all of that and now, I don't.

I'm free of living that way, and now I live my life on purpose. I know who I am, why I'm here, what my message is, and what I am to do. No confusion. Only acceptance. This is why I recommend Diva Mama Nut in the lives of my Sisters and Brothers.

What sets Nut apart is her spiritual awareness of Divine in our lives. She is a master of this knowledge.

Lisa R. Charles
Orlando, FL  Wife, Mother, Herbcrafter

New Levels Of Clarity

Diva Mama Nut,

I felt a strong call to let go of fear in my life......CS had been talking to me about the Circle for quite some time and I felt it was something to look into.  I came onto one call and next thing I knew.........I was filling out my application and started on this journey.

At first it was totally based on intuition and a knowing it was the right next step in my personal evolution.  I also suspected it would support me as I stepped out into the world as the powerful woman that I AM.  It has done that and continues to.

It's hard to wrap words around how this is working in my life, but mostly I feel that it's shifted me into a place of knowing and really trusting that knowing in a way I didn't before.  I feel more confident in my decisions especially as it relates to my ceremonial life/self and working within my community that was/is already in place.

Doing Ceremony is a powerful expression of Spirit, and that has reached new levels of clarity for me and in the wider community as Joseph (Rael) has given his direction to the Chiefs and all of it is somehow tied in to my Initiation as I claim my authority in all area's of my life.

Initiation has changed my life in many ways, solidifying who I am and what I want to do in my life............gathering my power as a woman and helping me to share that in a good way. 

I give thanks.

Jane Marron Innmon
Tucson, AZ  Healer, Ceremonial Leader & Flower Essence Practitioner

The Potency Of Living In Love

I now know the singular importance of owning what I desire:  Full Self Love!

The blessing and support of a spiritual guide to call me on it when I am untrue to myself.  Especially to tell me when I have suppressed my desire. It is intolerable that I should not enjoy the company of a vibrant, intelligent, sensual, deep feeling, self aware woman, who inspires me with her own commitment to live from deep authenticity. I now know the potency of Living in Love.

Alan Ross, MD
Physiatrist, Nevada City, CA

What I Needed

I was looking for a guide to lead me deeper into my journey of spiritual awakening.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I embarked on this training.  It did provide what I believed it would, but more importantly, it provided what what I needed. 

I feel like I had been playing games with the "real me," or my core self, before this training.  The best thing I've learned is discernment about what "part" of me a certain thought or belief arises from. 

Re-arranging some aspects of my life, such as my relationship to my family, in a much more determined way than I ever have in the past is a long-desired victory for me.

Learning a new way to think and process my own thoughts has been a huge advantage to me.  I am no longer immediately subject to whatever a certain thought is telling me.  I don't think I could have realized some of this without the specific, personal guidance from Nut.  It is very hard to confront certain patterns of belief that we don't want to admit to having.  I probably would have continued to avoid some of this work if I had been on my own through this process. 

Exploring your way through your Being is an incredible journey and can be painful, frightening, and even upsetting.  Nut provides a way to navigate these transitions and discoveries without having to accept the pain as necessary to growth. She helps you realize how your experiences are guided and created by yourself. I feel like I have only started to scratch the surface of this, but I can certainly say that Initiation provided me a view of who I can be, in many different ways.

I haven't worked with many spiritual teachers, so I don't have a lot of experiences to compare her to.  But I know that Nut is committed to speaking the Truth, will hold your highest good at all times, and is utterly sincere in her own commitment to living orgasmically. 

Bethany Vaccaro
Rhode Island, NY

Naked Enough To Share It

Diva Mama, Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming, You are magnificent because you cry with me over Coltrane and Virginia Rodriguez and rock out with me and Storm Large. The size and magnitude of your spirit match the sexy rise of your hips and thighs. You created a community of one out of nothing like the loaves and fishes and turned it into a temple. You are spicy politically and luscious radically and funny space-dorkily and tuned into culture beyond time and space and through the mists of wrongheadedness and still snarky and real and ethereal and sooo sweet and a kick ass warrior, mother, lover, sister…

Thank you, on behalf of the good love, for showing up here on this planet at this time. Thanks for putting one foot in front of the other and thanks for visioning, soaring, flying.

I love you.

And I'm magnificent because I can write that--perceive it, and mean it, and be naked enough to share it.

Andrea Deese
Musician & Fine Artist, Minneapolis, MN

Pure Magic

Entering into my Initiation with Nut has been one of the more powerful, transformative and INSTANTLY empowering journey's in Sacred Circle for me. The Circle is pure magic, medicine and wombn shine.

Amaya O'Duir
Artist, Vancouver, BC 

A Lot Of Flavors Out There

There are a lot of flavors out there to sample. One of the many things I love about you, Diva Mama Nut is that you have digested the NTRU and are wearing their gold and they live as you through you and it shows.

I took the training and my life has transformed so dramatically. I had been a teacher for many years but this took me to a level that cleared a lot of old stuff and it was difficult sometimes but it was definitely worth it. I have a lot more clarity and enjoyment of my day to day life. It’s a way to get to the core of your being and live in a positive state of mind and spirit when you really get who you are, embrace it—what you’re here for.

I highly recommend it.

The transformations and alkhemikal rushes I've experienced since undergoing the initiation has awakened and revealed so much of--yes--the beauty in and of Me that I didn't know existed and I am grateful.  Not only have I re-established myself to me, I've developed new passion for my career, intimate relationships, and walk through life. The Divine Presences and ancient wombnhood circle is alive and activating wombs in bliss--a forgotten birthright. 

Thank you Diva Mama and my Diva Sisters for holding the womb space for our awesomeness to blossom. Dua!

Kamalaliaya Shishini
Vedic Astrologist, Cleveland, OH

Even More Juiciness

Spirit led me to Nut and her healing mission so I could remember who I IZ and fully embody this divine incarnation as a Wombn. I am still evolving and growing in love and this training not only encouraged it, but drew out my juiciness even more.

The Circle iz like life forever unfolding & revealing more and more of itself! It has been such a divine journey meeting heart to heart, mind to mind and Spirit to Spirit with the wombn of this circle. Each wombn has joyously dedicated and committed themselves to thrive by Being their unapologetically authentic and wildly audacious self.

We laugh, cry, shout, yell and hold each other in Love we do it all!

Nejah Love
Los Angeles, CA

Letting That Energy Flow

This stepping further into mastery is a lot of fun and providing much wonder to behold.

I feel like I'm deconstructing, been demo-ed and am rebuilding from the ground up. I am watching my words and catching myself using some that I'd rather substitute with more positive, more diva-like connotations the next time.

I'm realizing again, as I have off and on forever, that the tension that I hold especially in my belly, my pelvis, my womb - it's time for it to be released and let that energy flow...I know there is more to be done.

Deb Schanilec
Amygdala Whisperer, Saint Paul, MN

Everything Is Already Connected

I chose Sh'ti Mer Initiation because I felt this could open my eyes to what I needed to realize. I knew something was missing.

It came all different than what I expected. The most valuable thing I came away with is that I am not at all disconnected. Actually there is nothing to connect because everything is already connected. The difference is whether we realize it or not. And that it is all about appreciation and celebration.

I now understand what mastery really means. Meaning among other things to drop expectations and judgements and enjoying life the way it iz.

I am proud of realizing how powerful my thoughts are. I knew this before in regards to myself. Now I am realizing that my thoughts can change the collective, too…A lot!

Nut is always in great humor, so it all felt so easy and growth wasn't painful at all. And she works very individually. So no standard stuff.

Initiation is a very individual choice. For me Nut is very different from what I knew until now. And teachers and masters should be different than you are, so that you can really shift patterns and attitude. And working with Nut for me was light, no heavy business at all, not giving you more and more to do, rather than finding your center.

I feel centered in my power.

I know I can deal with whatever comes and actually I experienced myself as a great witness of all wonder. And that I am part of this wonder.

Nut is more then a teacher, she is a master. Its not about passing teachings on but true body knowledge.

General Manager, Sao Paolo, Brasil

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