Sh'ti Mer - Orgasmic Living!

Life Mastery Initiation for Whole Self Liberation

I iz here to reveal the Shinning Ones

The Ones who having found they can outrun
the winds of conformity,
now hunger to fly

The path of Sh'ti Mer iz a Celebration of the reality, attainability and unconditional availability of Bliss!

Our Orgasmic Alkhamy ain’t primarily about sex.

We liberate and apply the Creation Power of Orgasmic Awareness for whole-self, life mastery. Sex, Wellbeing, Intimacy, Mission Building and Spirituality — when these are breathed consciously and whole, are always about Orgasmic Alkhamy.

If you want someone to stroke your ego, agree with and validate you
and you’re not a psychopath, adopt a puppy.

If you want the e•motional release of loosing yourself exploring your
issues, hire a therapist.

If you need help managing your impulses, find a good psychiatrist.

If you dream of being free of the weight of false limitations
and are willing to consciously inhabit every aspect of your life…

If you Desire a rich, co-creative partnership with a gentle but relentless
(and sometimes
inappropriate) champion for your most potent and
Orgasmically delicious
life, no matter what…

If you've decided it's finally time to put all self-denial and anything
less than ecstatic Bliss behind you to go all IN
as a committed warrior for your Soul's Desire…

Let's talk ☥

Principles of Sh’ti Mer
The Spiritual ideas that form the foundation of this mission

Private Initiation to reveal your Whole Self Life Mastery

Small group and private topic focused Orgasmic Awareness training

We come together in Love or not at all
Sh'ti Mer iz not where we come to find Liberation, it's the way
we are choosing to demonstrate that we already own it

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