Sh'ti Mer - Orgasmic Living!

Life Mastery Initiation for Whole Self Liberation

Why mastery?
Because anything less iz slavery


When your Desires for a prosperous Sacred mission, Soul expanding relationships and unshakeable Divine communion won't be satisfied by books, tele-seminars or weekend workshops alone, immersive private mentoring iz the wise and logical next step. Sh'ti Mer Initiation iz progressive, customized Orgasmic Alkhamy training for Sacred Professional Leaders and devoted Lovers who have a deep Desire for their Lives and Loves to finally match the brilliance and passion they feel inside.

I Love Initiation and I Love my initiates!

My initiates are truly devoted, boldly decisive and have voracious appetites for demonstrating Whole Self Liberation in all areas of their lives. Initiation iz a mind blowing, awe inspiring, fear defying, commitment to radical transformation and revelation of your Soul's Desire. It ain't for everybody, and I'm good with that.

When you require and are willing to commit yourself to a focused path of spiritual inquiry and material revelation, this iz your best path for immediate access to the highest expression of your gifts, to create lasting real life results.

I work with initiates in 13 week or 13 month terms of study. We meet via phone/internet and/or in person in Tucson, AZ. Some have mentored with me for years, others have felt Blissfully whole and complete after their first term of Initiation.

Just making the choice to create a conscious relationship with the Truth living within you — one that’s larger than any ego or personality — iz a devotion that brings it’s own immediate rewards. Masterfully integrating, embracing and wielding the power glimpsed in the moment of commitment, iz the purpose of true Initiation.

Moving through the Five Gates of Sh’ti Mer Awareness & Mastery, we will grow a new inner temple for your integrated consciousness to reach maturity within. Your Initiation will be the end of any survival beliefs you cling to. It’s a unique to you Sacred Container that’s powerfully protected, intensely Soul nurturing and designed to be outgrown.

A new Life will be spun of the union of our focused witnessing.
Together, you and I reveal the crystal clear and unrestrained truth of YOU.

Tuition: $21,000 - $150,000

Enrollment by application and interview only
  Tuition iz paid in full in advance and iz non-refundable.

You show up

We embrace Soul to Soul

And we don’t stop

You meet & liberate the True YOU

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