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Candles and Altars

Q - I brought two seven day candles a green one and yellow one and some florida water. I already have two white candles. Any suggestions for building a shrine for the Goddess?

A - BE the shrine King.

Candles and altars can only reflect the devotion you cultivate within. Volunteer to be security at a battered wombn’s shelter, escort elder mothers for beauty outings, organize tea parties for fatherless little girls…

The Divine Mothers Desire your Kingly presence in the world. Without this, candles and incense don’t mean shit ☥

Single Sessions

Q - Can I book a session with you?
A - I don't do single sessions.
Q - Why not?

A - ACTIVATION without INTEGRATION iz just empty masturbation.

We both know you Desire so much more than that.

You want to fully know and own your Power to eliminate insecurity, doubt and betrayal from your professional life and all your relationships.

You want to be seen, accepted and adored for the pure gifts your Soul longs to give to the world.

You Desire to make Love with the ever-living, all knowing Orgasmic Core of your mission, your loving, your life.

This iz won by a lifelong committed, conscious devotion, which iz best initiated in sacred partnership with an expert mentor.

I iz here only for this ☥

Homosexuality & Transgender Debate

Q - (Not repeating it here)


Afrakan Spiritual Kulture demonstrates the reverent appreciation of nature and embraces the medicine it's never-ending variety has for all our upliftment.

Oppressive morality seeks to rule over nature with it's petty controls, retaining power, knowledge and belonging for only a chosen few.

Adult, consensual sexuality iz natural and Sacred in ALL it's expressions.

The multitude of shapeshifting possibilities for gender expression and identity, are a Sacred and revelatory gift to be YOUniversally Celebrated.

To believe otherwise iz to be a slave.
To assert otherwise iz to collude with the enemies of Life, Liberation and Divinity ☥

Feminine & Masculine

Q - Why do you hold separate wombn only & min only group trainings?

A - What happens with wombn iz that our nature —feminine essence and energy— iz a container of energy. Primarily, ours iz an energy of the ability to contain. This iz our most precious gift. If we even stop for a few seconds to consider that—what it means to have the gift of containment, to be a container for that which we Desire which iz around us. We contain things in order to heal and transform and transmute them. We can contain in order to amass and enjoy as well. We are the magik bowls.

Min don’t have that, primarily. The magik of the nature of min —in masculine essence and energy— iz it’s focus. The ability to focus, to set a sight on a target and BAM! hit it. To reach out and grab it and bring it back. Bring it back for who? The container to contain and cultivate.


So it may appear that wombn’s initiations are more interior and more body based because our bodies give us very clear initiatory rites with our blood moon cycle and the different qualities and personalities that cycle adopts over our lifetime. That’s in the body—it’s very real. We have very real stuff going on there. And the whole cycle of pregnancy and childbirth and what happens around that. But again, energetically it’s about that container of energy.

Min’s initiation iz just as self reflective. It’s just that their self iz this outward directed force of nature. The masculine self iz this targeting, focusing energy. So that’s why it may look like they’re more about displays of bravery and going out and climbing this mountain or that. This iz how masculine energy most thoroughly reveals its full range of Truth and Power.

The intention iz still the same for all. The goal of initiation iz always maturity. Maturity through mastery ☥

the Lie of Lack

Q - What do I do with folks who are truly in lack? They wanna get themselves out but they don't have the resources. What do I do with that?

A - Lack iz living by default in reaction to our circumstances, instead of living by decision in favor of our Soul's Desire.

Ask 3 Ques:
    #1 Are you willing to do whatever it takes to realize your Desire.
    If no, conversation's over. If yes, ask...

    #2 What's stopping you?
    If you hear a long list of excuses, go back to the
    answered for #1. If, after consideration, the answer iz
    "Nothing", then go on to...

    #3 Great, go out and prove it, right now, today! And promise to call me as soon as you have your first win, so I can celebrate with you.

Every one of us iz born infinitely resourceful. All of us, no matter who or where we are, can apply our creativity to become resource-filled. Getting folks to buy your or my thing ain’t the goal, cuz that would also be creating lack. What matters iz all of us realizing our natural and infinite wealth of creativity, individually and collectively and living from this reality ☥

Receiving More

Q - How do I make myself receive more?

A - Pay attention and give thanks.

Practice relentless, unreasonable and unconditional Gratitude.

Give shameless and unqualified thanks and appreciation for everything that has ever “happened to you”
and all that iz so in your experience right now,
whether good, bad or questionable.  

Give yourself hourly full body HappyGasms
for no particular reason at all.

It’s not enough to just “think grateful thoughts”.

You’ve got to move it in and through your body.

Let yourself really feel and taste the fulfillment of
having your Desire,
then hold yourself,
and weep in gratitude for this Blessing
in advance, every day, all day.

Gratitude iz receiving ☥


What You Do

Q - How do I describe what I do when what I “do” iz so multifaceted and somewhat intangible?

A - Don’t.

Nobody cares what you do.

(Except those looking to sell you their “thing to do” as the solution for your anxiety around describing what you do, and actually they don’t either)

Your patrons, present and future, your partners and your Source only care about your genuine attention and devotion to excellence in serving their deep Desires.

Your patron’s deep Desire iz acknowledgement of and liberation from their suffering. The more meaningful your solution, the greater it’s value to them.

Your partner’s deep Desire iz to amplify the reach and quality of their serving, through alignment with your demonstrations of excellence.

The Divine Source of your calling to serve, Desires only that you know the Bliss of having surrendered all resistance to Be/Izn the Light of your gift for all who would be served by it.

Offer your listening.
Witness their truth.
Answer their Desire.
Tell the stories of the magik you’ve seen.

As a sacred professional, it ain’t about you. Show us WHO we could be, if only… ☥

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