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I finally talked Nut into it!

Divas and Kings have been asking for something like this for years.

I get questions all the time:

What is Orgasmic Living, anyway?

•Will it work in my super busy, over extended, too tired life? 

•How can I live orgasmically if I don’t have a partner?

•Is it just for women?

•Can’t men have an orgasmic life too? 

•Is this just about sex?

•Is this the same as Tantra?

•Do you teach classes?

  At the beginning of summer, I asked Nut about teaching  an Introductory course on the basic principles of Orgasmic Living

 and how to use them, a class that would be open to both women AND men.

And (Thank the Goddess!) she said, YES!

This adventure was just too good to keep to ourselves. So, now you too, get to listen in and share this awesome healing experience, through your own mp3 recordings of the entire class.

All the questions you’ve been saving up ~ about orgasm, love, relationships,  wealth, health, orgasmic living ~ you'll hear answered by Diva Mama Nut Tmu-Ankh in ways that will deeply touch & transform you, again & again.

a Five Part Orgasmic Adventure beyond time & space into the heart & soul of Your Sexual Essence ~ Recorded Live in Sacred, Interactive Healing Space

Part 1: What's Orgasmic Living & Why Should I Care?

The introductory session that started it all

Part 2:  Adoration: it starts inside YOU

Learn how to apply the alkhamy of deep adoration to quickly

 and easily discover and heal, any perceived blocks between you & realizing

 the expressions of Bliss you Desire to enjoy for yourself, your loved ones & our world

Part 3: Tune up your inner Goddess

Learn how to easily recognize & call upon the embrace of the Divine Feminine

 to master Orgasmic attraction & seduction in life & love

Part 4: Masculinity: Tune up  your inner God

Dancing with the fire of liberated Masculine essence, to master Orgasmic penetration

 for enduring vitality and magnetism in all that you could Desire

Part 5: Orgasm: what it iz, what it ain't

Unlock the jewel allowing you to 'cum together' with anyone,

 anytime, any place for instantaneous intimacy & healing Love 

And, as an added Bonus we're including the extremely potent

 Private Q&A Session I recorded with Nut after the conclusion of the classes, where we cover...

 How to tap into the body's intelligence for wisdom & healing

  Communicating further with your inner feminine/masculine essence

  Using Orgasmic Awareness for conscious erotic partnering

  Engaging flirtation as spiritual practice

  How to be immersed in Orgasm's intensity without (completely)loosing yourself

"Whooooee!" Thank you Nut for the exercise of daily touching the earth with our skin for a spell. This activity feeds my inner feminine, which I find to be demanding Respect, now that I have begun to listen."

-Alan, Readfield, ME

"I am feeling more balanced because both sides are being fed, nourished and empowered to be the fullest expression of my feminine and masculine energies."

-Nejah, Los Angeles, CA

"You nailed it... yes...Thank You Nut!"

 -Bob, China ME 

"I really really enjoy the class. I experience a beautiful connectedness and energy"

-Lucienne, Hoorn, Netherlands

"As I practiced tuning into my wombn and min. I notice my wombn is always aware of her body in a circular way. I am round, subtle, curvaceous with curvatures. I was overly aware of a ferocious mamma and her cultivation of her masculine wanting attention... I gave the ferocious young mamma space and an opportunity to come alive. What was I aware of? I was aware of my core. Feet firmly planted on gaiaaa. Soft belly, relaxed shoulders, curious eyes. I asked myself what does my feminine crave? What do I want to attract? what do I think of this precious wombn?" 

-Deborah, Camden, ME

“We had the the opportunity to stand naked before each other sharing our heart's desire for expansion and a deeper commitment of healing and love.  It was pure alkhemy”. 

-Liaya, Cleveland, OH

"Your voice turns up the volume of my own inner truth and ability to self-heal"

-Adofo, Sandy Springs, GA

Waiting for You are...

Five 90min Interactive Healing Activation Sessions, for you to take in again & again as potent healing medicine to reveal your indwelling Orgasmic power & mastery

PLUS the Bonus, Q&A Session where Nut spells out exactly how to apply Orgasmic practice in the areas of your life you want it most

That’s Nine expertly guided hours of rare & transformative healing, on demand, in exclusively 100% permaculture pixel-rhyzome greenGasmic mp3 downloads, for...

Only $125 

a Spiritual Medicine Chest of Orgasmic activation & practical healing you can use right NOW to transform your life & world

Grounded spirituality, making a practical difference in your life!

Isn’t it time you began to Live Orgasmically?

With Love,

PS. Wanna know who Nut iz & why this is a can't miss opportunity:  Watch this  & Read this

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